Nesting and dressing

Adam Rej, Matthias Staudacher, Stefan Zieme
2007 Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment  
We compute the anomalous dimensions of field strength operators Tr F^L in N=4 SYM from an asymptotic nested Bethe ansatz to all-loop order. Starting from the exact solution of the one-loop problem at arbitrary L, we derive a single effective integral equation for the thermodynamic limit of these dimensions. We also include the recently proposed phase factor for the S-matrix of the planar AdS/CFT system. The terms in the effective equation corresponding to, respectively, the nesting and the
more » ... ing are structurally very similar. This hints at the physical origin of the dressing phase, which we conjecture to arise from the hidden presence of infinitely many auxiliary Bethe roots describing a non-trivial "filled" structure of the theory's BPS vacuum. We finally show that the mechanism for creating effective nesting/dressing kernels is quite generic by also deriving the integral equation for the all-loop dimension of a certain one-loop so(6) singlet state.
doi:10.1088/1742-5468/2007/08/p08006 fatcat:rtxqvnbixvgmzeem6xxtesukty