Immigration Journey to Citizenship and Reconstruction of Refugees' Identity

Rashad Mohammed Moqbel Al Areqi
2018 Public Policy and Administration Review  
Immigration is a dream of unlimited number of people, particularly, the third world and developing countries people who receive different types of oppression and encounter freedom restrictions in their own countries. They search for better conditions of lives by obtaining the developed countries citizenship. They spend their lives searching for asylum and citizenship, unknowing, sometimes, the hardships waiting for them in such countries, beginning with the restrictions of laws and traditions.
more » ... hris Cleave's Little Bee (2008) is one of the novels that argue the troubles of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It explores the British attitude towards asylum seekers and refugees in general in immigration detentions. It tells us about a young Nigerian refugee who has just left the British immigration detention center in which she has spent two horrible years. The novel is analyzed and argued from a postcolonial perspective. The study showed the hardships confronted the immigrants, citizenship and asylums seekers. Eventually it turned out to be not an easy life and the immigrants might spend their entire lives attempting to meet the requirements of citizenship and asylums' laws and rules, regardless of the difficulties of assimilation into a community which is completely different from their cultures and traditions and they need to deal with the discriminatory look of the natives in their daily lives. The community does not accept the color people and the immigrants are not welcomed. The narrative showed the negative attitude of British authorities towards immigrants/refugees.
doi:10.15640/ppar.v6n2a4 fatcat:so7ib3cp4ngsdf2vn3vxpkqt5y