Exercise on a vibratory platform increases blood perfusion on the stifle joint and rectal temperature in healthy dogs

J.A. Villanova Junior, G. Dipp, B.M. Viveiros, J.L. Balardini, L.J.E. Isaka, C.L. Santos, G.H. Gomes, C.T. Pimpão, P.V. Michelotto Junior
2020 Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia  
The effects of two vibration platform (VP) exercise protocols on stifle and rectal temperatures were evaluated. Eleven animals participated in two exercise protocols, different in duration in each exercise. Exercise protocol 1 (EP1) took 30 seconds and EP2, 60 seconds, with different vibratory levels in both cases (L1 = acceleration ≅ 1g, L4 = acceleration ≅ 2.5g, and L7 = acceleration ≅ 5g). The animals were evaluated before and 1 minute after the exercise, using infrared thermography to
more » ... ermography to obtain stifle temperatures. The rectal temperature (RT) was also checked at each moment. The dogs had higher stifle temperatures in EP1 at all vibratory levels compared to the time before the exercise; EP2 resulted in higher temperature only at maximum vibration intensity (L7). Increase in TR was observed only in EP2. The results suggested that the short duration protocol (EP1) increased the muscular and peripheral vascular activities of the joint, regardless of the vibration intensity. The long duration protocol (EP2) with maximum vibration intensity increased the RT, demonstrating activity beyond the stifle muscle group. It is concluded that exercises on the VP can be used as complementary therapy for low-impact muscle activity in dogs and may be adequate for efficient energy consumption.
doi:10.1590/1678-4162-10959 fatcat:2ycotciquve4botqf2sbmdpr7y