New Method of Rolling Railroad Rails

1856 Scientific American  
ltdn �nbtntiDnS. Recent Foreilln Inyentlons. Nr:w Composition for P i cture Frames, o t c. A patent has been taken out by E. Gibbs, London, for manufacturing molded articles from a composition made of the asphaltum of tar and fi ne brick dust. This asphaltum is the residue left in the retorts in distilling gas tar to obtain naphtha. It is kneaded with one part of brick dust, and then molded into the desired form for picture frames, or any other article desired. From such cheap ma terials, it
more » ... p ma terials, it appears to us that a compoliition may be made which can be vulcanized, and from which many articles like canes and combs, might be manufactured. India Rubber Varn ish -A. Ford, of London, has obtained a patent for making solutions of india rubber and gutta percha, which solutions can be used for water-proofi ng as a varnish.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06071856-308a fatcat:g3piyhngrfevndpndlygthggai