A low-cost endless knob controller with programmable resistive force feedback for multimedia production

Yuri De Pra, Federico Fontana, Stefano Papetti, Michele Simonato
2020 Zenodo  
Multimedia production involves the editing of several tracks (e.g., audio, MIDI, video) and related parameter control envelopes. This activity unfolds through several iterations, each consisting of repetitive tasks. In such scenario, the use of an input controller providing multimodal feedback can reduce the cognitive load associated to task execution. In particular, tactile feedback can reinforce visual information to facilitate the detection of specific features in a waveform. We present an
more » ... rm. We present an endless knob controller prototype with programmable resistive force feedback to rotation. Its use in supporting basic audio editing operations is then informally tested in a pilot software environment developed in Processing.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3898774 fatcat:pkf7lmfnl5ehpg6v5tcjhjeo3i