Architecting Embedded Software for Context-Aware Systems [chapter]

Susanna Pantsar-Syvniemi
2012 Embedded Systems - Theory and Design Methodology  
At the start of the 1990s, hardware and software co-design in real time and embedded systems were seen as complicated matters because of integration of different modeling techniques in the co-design process (Kronlöf, 1993) . In the smart environment, the co-design is radically changing, at least from the software perspective. This is due to the software needing to be more and more intelligent by, e.g., predicting future situations to offer relevant services for human beings. The software needs
more » ... o be interoperable, as well as scattered around the environment, with devices that were previously isolated because of different communication mechanisms or standards. Research into pervasive and ubiquitous computing has been ongoing for over a decade, providing many context-aware systems and a multitude of related surveys. One of those surveys is a literature review of 237 journal articles that were published between 2000 and Embedded Systems -Theory and Design Methodology 124 2007 (Hong et al., 2009) . The review presents that context-aware systems i) are still developing in order to improve, and ii) are not fully implemented in real life. It also emphasizes that context-awareness is a key factor for new applications in the area of ubiquitous computing, i.e., pervasive computing. The context-aware system is based on pervasive or ubiquitous computing. To manage the complexity of pervasive computing, the context-aware system needs to be designed in new way-from the bottom up-while understanding the eligible ecosystem, and from small functionalities to bigger ones. The small functionalities are formed up to the small architectures, micro-architectures. Another key issue is to reuse the existing, e.g., communication technologies and devices, as much as possible, at least at the start of development, to minimize the amount of new things.
doi:10.5772/37634 fatcat:3wia23ocqnbmhc6j364xlqpxfq