M. Abarna Ermini, J. Dhanasekar, V.K. Sudha
2018 ICTACT Journal on Microelectronics  
In this paper, we are using memristor emulator made up of a Digital Potentiometer (DigPot) and microcontroller (Arduino). Mostly the emulator is composed of off-the-shelf electronic component. Here we are using MCP3208 microchip. The Arduino which in turn communicates with the digital potentiometer through the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The analog pin in the Arduino is used to read the voltages at terminals of digital potentiometer resistance network. It is built as an Analog to Digital
more » ... n Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) on the Arduino. Then the resistance value calculated by using mathematical equation of the memristor. It continuously updates the potentiometer through the serial port based on the calculation of microcontroller. The data is collected through the serial port and displayed on the LCD screen. This can be simulated by using Xilinx ISE software.
doi:10.21917/ijme.2018.0084 doaj:e3e3197442c04e908bc55c7116746927 fatcat:emleddaps5gyhfnkuolnp3hw2q