Photoelectrochemical Property of Tungsten Oxide Films of Vertically Aligned Flakes for Visible-Light-Induced Water Oxidation

Fumiaki Amano, Ding Li, Bunsho Ohtani
2011 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
A vertically arrayed flake film, "flake-wall film," of monoclinic tungsten oxide ͑WO 3 ͒ was prepared on a transparent conductive glass by controlling anisotropic crystal growth and self-arrayed growth of WO 3 hydrate with a layered crystal structure. The WO 3 flake-wall film exhibited superior performance for photoelectrochemical water oxidation under visible-light irradiation compared to that of a film consisting of horizontally laminated WO 3 flakes. The small differences between
more » ... between photocurrents under front-side irradiation and back-side irradiation and between photocurrents in the absence and the presence of methanol indicate the excellent electron transport property and long photogenerated carrier lifetime in the flake-wall film.
doi:10.1149/1.3525624 fatcat:sda5mk7tqbeu5hqlrlf5typycy