Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, January 28, 1895] [article]

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Abw'utdy New Laid~4o ceot« per dozen. Fiwh RoU 'Uuto-70 cents per Biacd^A fte^ lot d Christie Browns^just received. W. T. HE DOLE & 00. _______ TM.»ofc». N«. i-i-o. Beal Estate Brcfcerg, ConvqraacM% Hotarto PnMi^ ig^ggLV d.XXL BAHAIMO. 8B1TIBH OOLOHEIA. MONOAT. JANOABI 28. U0& Indn 24& MR. SHAW, the gold wire artist UU'Ctv Has consented to return for another week. While he is with ns we shall feive to our customers with erery purchase of $5.00 [five doUars] a Gold Wire Brooch with name desired,
more » ... and to purchasers ofless than that amount an Initial PihjTor every dolfar expended. Mr. Shaw wiU not be here until Monday next, Jan. but in the meantime we shall issue tickets for all purahases which can be ed on hi. arriTal, ■ . , . ! SLOAN & SCOTT OsUe Tihip^hftt.-. CmCEH f ■ STORE . Only a Pew Left.,-JACKETS AND FURS r^n-oosT 'J.S.STAJiNiRD&CO., -Crescent Store. Nanaimo iUetioD Rooms OOUU EBCIAL 8TBEBT. AUCTION liiiFoF HowhoU rwniun ud Btocia h Trad, ooadictal .t .tUttt ownct^ |>nw ira.ocUo«S.k.RaoB.. FARM SALES Hosssiiolil Furajun »thn. ■ B«i.htoiiluidoMfe(mh.a. • ^b, AMkra « pranUra., ra 3 Sold on rwiratiriw at tW AaeUo.
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