Finite geometries

A. Blokhuis, J. W. P. Hirschfeld, D. Jungnickel, J. A. Thas
2008 Designs, Codes and Cryptography  
Contents R. Ahlswede, Cone dependence -a basic combinatorial concept S. Ball, Semifields, flocks and ovoids T. Beth, A class of designs protecting against quantum jumps J. Bierbrauer, Projective planes, coverings and a network problem A. Bonisoli, Collineation groups of ovals with more than one orbit M. Brown, Subquadrangles of generalized quadrangles of order (q, q 2 ) F. Buekenhout, What is an elliptic curve? F. De Clerck, Recent results on projective and affine full embeddings of (α,
more » ... tries G.L. Ebert, Binary codes of odd order Buekenhout-Metz unitals Y. Edel, Extensions of generalized product caps A. Gács, Some new results about directions D.G. Glynn, The invariant graphs, tournaments and codes of projective planes of even order P. Govaerts, Restrictions on the size of partial ovoids in finite classical polar spaces and in the split Cayley hexagon N. Hamilton, New constructions of maximal arcs in Desarguesian projective planes J. Jedwab, Designing the IEEE 802.12 transmission code L.H. Khachatrian, Extremal problems under dimension constraints G. Korchmáros, Transitive ovoids of the Hermitian surface E. Kuijken, Distance-regular geometries I.N. Landjev, On arcs in projective Hjelmslev planes over finite chain rings D. Leemans, RWPRI and (2T ) 1 flag-transitive linear spaces G. Lunardon, Spreads in H(q) and 1-systems of Q(6, q) D. Luyckx, On 1-systems of Q(6, q), q even R. Meshulam, Group algebras and expanders K. Metsch, Large caps of the Klein quadric 2 A. Pott, Cyclotomy, geometry, and perfect sequences B. Schmidt, Asymptotic nonexistence of dihedral difference sets L. Storme, On multiple blocking sets in Galois planes P. Sziklai, Small multiple blocking sets in PG(4, q 2 ) with respect to planes K. Thas, A Lenz-Barlotti classification for finite generalized quadrangles V.D. Tonchev, Formulas for the number of STS and SQS of low 2-rank H. Van Maldeghem, Some remarks on Steiner systems 3
doi:10.1007/s10623-007-9162-6 fatcat:yd5cqfmlrfa7zlzeifhhx7qfg4