Trade report

1893 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
TARIFF CHANGES AND CUSZ'OIIIS REGUL A TIONS. (From the Bonrd of Trnde Joirrnnl.) FRASCE. C~tsfoiirs Dcci.qiom-. WIC following ilccisions nficctiiig t~i c c~issificiitioli of nrticlcs in tho J!hiich ciistoins tarilf Iiirvc recently bccn givcn by tlic I~rcncli Customs nuthoritics :-Grcnsc iiitcnded for ninchincry a i d consistina of coal-tnr nnd of n nciitritl fatty snponnccous siibstniice.-Cirtcgory 30. Dnty frcc. l'nsto or plnstcriug coniposcd of rosin, linsccd oil, nild 11 tinitill proportion
more » ... f osidc of lend.-Cntegory 398. neg, 45 francs per IIJO kilos. Ijricks 3f pinice-stonc with silicn base, not bilked.-Cirtegory 339. Duty, 75 ccntiines pcr 100 kilos. l':ipcr, rose dyed, witlioiit nlltuuien, for photobpphic uscs. -Ciitegory 4GI. Ditty, 30 frnncs per 100 kilos. EXTRA CTS RItOM DIPLOMA TIC AND CONSULAR REPORTS. %'I115 hrISI:Il,\J, P l I 0 1 ) U C T I O X 0 1 ? RUSSl.1. 'l'lic rnincral illdilKtry of 1tussi:i 1i:is bccn in ii dcprcsscd contlitiuti for tlic past fcw years, owing to bid crops. Coal. Tons. 3,.h~S,OOl 3,765,037 3,072,102 3,9'25,107 .l,li9,030 .l,5iO,Sb!l .1,E1,101 5,1 iW78 412w,1l;0 0,007,457 Go1d.t piles. Jti,7W 30,IDS 35,i.U 35,077 23,019 33,43!1 3.1,605 35,1013 37;?59 30,371 Rclliicd. Dnring 1Y8n nnd 1890 thcrc ivns very little wntcr in tho lnrgc rivers, nnil iiitcrcorniiioiiicntion P~E rciiderd difliciilt nnil cxpensive. Following this tlicro nns a hcirvy drop iii tlic rntc of csclinngc, nnd iicw piirclinscs were therefore liniitcd in riinount. In 1890 tlicrc were 172 estirblishmelits in tlic empirc dcvotcd tn thc production of pig-koii, l 4 G to i:nst-iroii, itnd 32 to steel. Cnst-iron wns consuiucd for govcrniucnt irnd otlier Iniinnfiictnres ill tlic following uliiounts: s!~clls, r~~~r d c in wvcn governti~cnt filctnrics, 723 mctric tons ; iron wnrcs, 4,727 ; n)nnllfacturcs of iron mil steel, 11 1,983 ; steel sII~IIs, 700 ; cnnnon stnndr, 200 ; mils, 92,356 ; ships, 1,313 ; iron wiro, ?2,i.I9. The prodnctioii of clny for porcelnin in 1889 nmoiintetl to 4,521 toils. Colinlt was protluccd in tlic Ciiuci~sus in 1.590 to the iunount of 14*G9 tons. Tlic nniount of cokc ninnnfactnrctl in I890 WIIS 395,511 tons. 'l%c production of glnulicr's salt tvnfi 3,9C7 tom, ngniiist 10,177 in 1889. 'I'hc nniount of iron ore iiiiiicil in 1890 wns 1,793,JlG tons, in ndditioii to wliicli 0,337 tons of cliromc iron ore were ininell iii Uml. Tlic production ofpctrolciiiii in 1899 \vns 3,3OG,tll.I tons, wid iii 1890, 3,974,531. Pliosplintc rock is found in ninny pnrts of Itussin, but n t prcscnt is niined h i lmt tlircc gwernniciits. Thc prodiictioii i i i 1890 \vas lP,t)!lG tons ; of pyrites, 17,135 tons \vcru IliinciI in tliiit ycnr. Qnicksilrer in foiiiid in tlic govcriiiiient of Ekntcrinoslnv, and tiicro in onu plncc. Thc prodiictioli iii Icilos. froin 1887 to I690 botli ye:ir$ inclusive, \vns ns follows: 1887, 63,984; 1889, 104,GL.I; 1889, lGG,905 ; 1690, 391,781. Tlic Intest comliletc s(:itistics nttninublc nrc givcn iri tlic iicconipiinying tiililc, wliich lias bceu coniliilcd frow oflicial SOUI'CCS: llllllRIllleSC Orc.
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