Biologically active pyridine mono- and bis-phosphonates: efficient ligands for co-ordination of Cu2+ ions

Bogdan Boduszek, Marcin Dyba, Małgorzata Jeżowska-Bojczuk, Tamas Kiss, Henryk Kozłowski
1997 Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions  
Potentiometric and spectroscopic studies on the co-ordination ability of biologically important pyridine mono-and bis-phosphonates have shown that when sterically possible these compounds undergo tridentate co-ordination with Cu 2+ ions. The complexes obtained are very stable. When the position of the nitrogen donor is sterically unfavourable the major binding occurs at the bis(phosphonate) site.
doi:10.1039/a606086b fatcat:kadv62l4h5bdnlpt4ucncte7qa