Shape measurement of submicrometer- rough surface without specular reflected light (1st report)

Masaaki Adachi
Shape measurement of submicrometer-rough surface without specular reflected light (1st report) Komatsu University, Faculty of Production Systems Engineering and Science, Masaaki ADACHI We are developing 3D-shape measurement technique using speckle interferometer. The technique uses a tunable laser and captures reflected-light images with a 2D-camera. Using diffusely reflected light, it is possible to measure the shape of all surfaces having any direction. When the surface to be measured would
more » ... ve high planar accuracy, the diffusely reflected light intensity becomes very small. But more laser-light power or more sensitivity camera can recover small reflected signal intensity. By these intensity recovering, it would be possible to measure heigh precision surface profile. Therefore, we experimentally try to measure 3D shape using diffusely reflected light from a sub-micrometer rough surface.
doi:10.11522/pscjspe.2021s.0_565 fatcat:w2lcoi3sxbbpxhlswiwvc4qeqq