Fluid Flow Characterization Framework for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Small-Scale Fully Explicit Models

Daniel Lorng Yon Wong, Florian Doster, Sebastian Geiger, Eddy Francot, François Gouth
2020 Transport in Porous Media  
Flow modelling challenges in fractured reservoirs have led to the development of many simulation methods. It is often unclear which method should be employed. High-resolution discrete fracture and matrix (DFM) studies on small-scale representative models allow us to identify dominant physical processes influencing flow. We propose a workflow that utilizes DFM studies to characterize subsurface flow dynamics. The improved understanding facilitates the selection of an appropriate method for
more » ... te method for large-scale simulations. Validation of the workflow was performed via application on a gas reservoir represented using an embedded discrete fracture model, followed by the comparison of results obtained from hybrid and dual-porosity representations against fully explicit simulations. The comparisons ascertain that the high-resolution small-scale DFM studies lead to a more accurate upscaled model for full field simulations. Additionally, we find that hybrid implicit-explicit representations of fractures generally outperform pure continuum-based models.
doi:10.1007/s11242-020-01451-8 fatcat:a5ugiawphnfhboqitd3f52g3gm