Nucleon–meson coupling constants and form factors in the quark model

C. Downum, T. Barnes, J.R. Stone, E.S. Swanson
2006 Physics Letters B  
We demonstrate the calculation of the coupling constants and form factors required by effective hadron lagrangians using the quark model. These relations follow from equating expressions for strong transition amplitudes in the two approaches. As examples we derive the NNm nucleon-meson coupling constants and form factors for m = pi, eta, eta', sigma, a_0, omega and rho, using harmonic oscillator quark model meson and baryon wavefunctions and the 3P0 decay model; this is a first step towards
more » ... ving a quark-based model of the NN force at all separations. This technique should be useful in the application of effective lagrangians to processes in which the lack of data precludes the direct determination of coupling constants and form factors from experiment.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2006.05.084 fatcat:pyyhoibwfjcjnl7rswci4fslny