Study on the virtual reality evolution of modern settlements along Liaohe River

Bo Pan, Dandan Zhao, Siduo Liu, Wei Yu, F. Song, M. Anpo
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
At the end of Qing Dynasty, with the opening of Yingkou port, the economic exchanges between Northeast China and foreign countries were exported. The transportation of goods was more convenient by water than by land. Liaohe river has become an important road of trade transportation, At the same time, it has also become an important way to culture introduction. Therefore, there are nearly three times more ports along the Liaohe river than before. With each port as the core, gathering the
more » ... thering the resources of the region becomes the core of transportation. The agglomeration of transportation promotes the emergence of corresponding service facilities and the rapid development of economy. Among them, Tianzhuangtai, located in the southern edge of Panjin City, bordering Liaohe river in the East and Bohai Sea in the west, is a typical representative of these traditional settlements. It has entered a period of rapid development from a military important town to a trade center since ancient times. The following changes in the settlement space have also shown a trend of development against the tradition, and the evolution of a series of patterns is also the materialization of the special political, economic and cultural influence of the Northeast in modern times.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202123603031 fatcat:tp2knbryzfewxf2c56vkmdfygu