An Investigation into the Effectiveness of an Enterprise Resource Planning System : A Case Study of the Tropic Plastic and Packaging Industry ( PTY ) Ltd , Durban

Zaheer Abdullah, Salesh Panday, Anis Mahomed Karodia
2015 Singaporean Journal of Business Economics and Management Studies  
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have revolutionised the way organisations do business. It has integrated the different business functions into a single common database providing important information for top management to make effective business decisions. Although ERP systems can be extremely costly to implement and maintain the rewards that can be derived from the system are great and have benefited many organisations. Information using the Syspro ERP system. The results of the
more » ... results of the last two questions clearly illustrate that it is necessary for any organisation to put in place an effective communication network so that management and staff can effectively support each other and deal effectively with the challenges and expectations of using an ERP system. Nah, Zuckweiler and Lee-Shang Lau (2003) , are of the opinion that when there is complete and open communication between management and staff, success will be achieved. The greater the level of communication, the more easily will it be to identify problems encountered so that they could be dealt with and fixed to avoid these issues in the future. Steps that should be taken to improve the effectiveness of an ERP system The last question of the questionnaire sought the opinions of the respondents in respect of what could be done to improve the effectiveness of an ERP system. Respondents indicated that Training on the system would improve their effectiveness in using the ERP system. Regular updates and refresher training will improve their use of the system and allow the system to function more efficiently. Respondents indicated that more ongoing support in terms of system resources from top management would increase the effectiveness of the system. Respondents indicated that effective and clear communication was critical in improving the effectiveness of the system. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Findings from the literature review.
doi:10.12816/0017727 fatcat:hvyurrmabbfmtp4tgeqcesq6eu