Secure Hybrid Crypto-system AES/RSA on FPGA for Data Communication

M Issad, N Anane, A M Bellemou, B Boudraa
2020 Malaysian Journal of Computing and Applied Mathematics  
With the development of information technologies, our environment is surrounded by digital data that transit via networks. When data are important, they become vulnerable to external attacks which can be avoided by using cryptography which provides confidentiality, integrity and availability required to secure digital data transactions such as e- commerce, mobile telephony and Internet. This paper deals with securing data transmitted over a network composed by a server and several clients,
more » ... veral clients, where a security platform has been integrated into the server and embedded on an FPGA circuit. The protection of data transfer between clients is provided by hybrid cryptography combining symmetric and asymmetric cryptographies. The security of client-server communication is ensured by the AES protocol and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol. To offer a good management of keys and their sharing, a dedicated system for generating keys is designed to fit with public key infrastructures. This system is a part of the server and has been implemented using JAVA language and executed on a computer. This communication system provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) offering to clients ease and flexibility in transferring their data.
doi:10.37231/myjcam.2020.3.1.38 fatcat:km62hkfqjbhb5hlv62c43kqgue