"ASTALIFT®" Functional Cosmetics Containing Astaxanthin Nano Emulsion
アスタキサンチンナノ乳化物を用いた機能性化粧品 「アスタリフト®」

Astaxanthin, which is a natural carotenoid, is well known as a strong singlet oxygen scavenger. Upon expectation of rapid decay on astaxanthin in the nano emulsion resulting from accelerated oxidation, an elaborated combination of stabilizers has been formulated in the nano emulsion. Further, by optimizing the surface adsorption layer of the emulsifiers, we have succeeded in effectively preventing the nano emulsion droplets from coalescing for extended period of time. "Anti-ageing Cosmetics"
more » ... taining astaxanthin was successfully realized with use of this astaxanthin nano emulsion.
doi:10.5360/membrane.34.104 fatcat:2dkfnaptpzf2te6p7mdnl3qaqq