Integrated fault-tolerant multicast and anycast routing algorithms

W. Jia, G. Xu, W. Zhao
2000 IEE Proceedings - Computers and digital Techniques  
Anycast is a new communication service de®ned in IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6 for the next generation). An anycast message is the one that should be delivered to the'nearest' member in a group of designated recipients. Anycast and multicast mechanisms may be integrated to provide better services. A group of replicated (or mirrored) servers that provides anycast service may also provide multicast services and needs multicast to consistently update, whereas anycast routing may help a
more » ... t request to reach the'nearest' member in a multicast group. A novel integration routing protocol is presented for both multicast and anycast messages communications in the internet. The protocol is composed of four algorithms: (1) dynamic anycast routing algorithm for ef®cient transmission of anycast messages over the internet to a group of servers. (2) integrated anycast routing with core-based tree technique based on multicast routing algorithms taking advantage of short delay, high throughput and load sharing. (3) Fault-tolerant algorithms for both anycast and multicast routing using backup paths restoring techniques. The performance ®gures have demonstrated the bene®ts of anycast routing in reducing end-to-end packet delay, and attaining load balance and fault-tolerance for multicast.
doi:10.1049/ip-cdt:20000532 fatcat:3pphxdtkh5cmhfvjlgvu4wegsy