On and off the turf in Australia / by Nat Gould (Verax) [book]

Nathaniel Gould
1895 unpublished
A pure, uou-gritty tooth powder ; it whitens the teeth, prevents decay and sweetens the breath ; is more efficacious than pastes or washes. 2/9. preserves and beautifies the hair, and prevents it falling off or turning grey, is the best Brilliantine for ladies' and children's hair, beiug less greasy and drying than ordinary Bi'illiantiue, and can be had iu a golden colour for fair hair. Sizes, 3/6, 7/-> 10/6, equal to four small. is a most soothing, healing, and refreshing milk for the face,
more » ... lk for the face, hands, and arms. It prevents and removes Freckles, Tan, Sunburn, Eedness and Eoughness of the skin, soothes and heals all Irritation, Chaps, Chilblains, Cutaneous Eruptions, etc., and produces a beautiful and delicate complexit)n. Bottles, 2/3 and 4/6. effectually dyes red or grey hair a permanent brown or black. 4/n ll^nMI A "^P^ire toilet powder in three tints. White, Rose, and Cream for ELUIVUIlllMi ladies of a Brunette complexion and those who do not like white powder. Boxes, 1/-, large boxes, 2/6.
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