Can organic agriculture give up copper as a crop protection product? Synthesis of the scientific assessment report

Didier Andrivon, Marc Bardin, Cédric Bertrand, Laurent Brun, Xavier Daire, Frédéric Fabre, Christian Gary, Josselin Montarry, Philippe Nicot, Philippe Reignault, Lucius Tamm, Isabelle Savini
This document summarizes the collective scientific assessment report jointly requested by ITAB (Institut Technique de l'Agriculture Biologique) and the SMaCH metaprogramme of INRA. The contents of the full report and this abridged version are the sole responsibility of the authors. The overall report, source of this version, was created by the scientific experts without condition of preliminary approval by the sponsors or INRA.
doi:10.15454/1q49-fe70 fatcat:avspg3ynqfgrritrvdvmku4yi4