Radiation safety considerations for post-iodine-131 thyroid cancer therapy

C M Culver, H J Dworkin
1992 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
The purpose of this study was to develop guidelines based on direct patient measurements as to when 131I-treated thyroid cancer patients may resume close personal contact after release from the hospital. External exposure rates were measured on 27 patients using a calibrated ionization survey meter. The patients' exposure rates were measured at the time of release from the hospital and 2-7 days post-hospital discharge. Measurements were taken at 1, 0.6 and 0.3 meters from the patient's upright
more » ... patient's upright body axis (stomach to thyroid). Vertical movement of the survey instrument was utilized to obtain the maximum reading each time. All patients had exposure rates less than 2 mR/hr at 1 meter at 2-4 days post-hospital discharge. Eight-eight percent (21/24) had exposure rates less than 2 mR/hr at 0.6 meter at 2-4 days post-hospital discharge. Guidelines can be prepared specifically for thyroid cancer therapy patients that are rational and consistent with existing radiologic health standards.
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