1917 Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers  
Engineering) (Lond.). neering) (Lond.), Stud. THIS Paper will be confined to the better-known kinds of dredgers, namely bucket dredgers, suction dredgers of the " cutter," " drag," and "moored " types, and dipper dredgers. Each of these kinds within its limits is recognized as being most suitable for particular conditions of dredging ; and there are, of coursel variations of each type, designed to meet local conditions. The vessels selected for the purpose of illustration have not been chosen
more » ... cause of any phenomenal dredging done by them, but because they have all had particular attention devoted to their design to meet the conditions of their intended employment. Too much stress can easily be put on the question of cost of dredging. No fair or useful comparisons of dredging-costs can be made unless due regard is had to all the conditions-not only the cost of labour, coal, oil, and stores, but also the physical conditions : all corresponding details must be included in the charges, and different methods of accounting must be reduced to common terms. BUCEET DREDGERS. As an example of bucket dredgers generally the "Silurus " (Fig. 1, Plate 4) , which has only boen completed within the last year, having been delayed by the war, will be described. This vessel has been built to the order of the Bombay Port Trust (the Downloaded by [ University of Melbourne] on [24/09/16].
doi:10.1680/imotp.1917.15878 fatcat:hozsgtv4ubcylfj3d5pqniti74