Implementation and Comparison of a Secure Lossless Image Encryption-then-Compression Algorithms

Asma Banu. S, Dr. A. Sreenivas Murthy
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Image Encryption is important in the field of information security. In some of the practical scenario images are needed to be encrypted prior to compression. Most of image encryption techniques have some performance issues, so there is a need to determine performance of each method. In this paper we implement and compare three image Encryption algorithms. The Encryption algorithms are Arnolds transform, Combination of different permutations and Random Permutation of Clusters of Prediction
more » ... . In Arnolds transform method, shuffling of pixel positions is by iteratively performing a linear transformation. In Combinational Random Permutation method, encryption is achieved by considering the combination of bits, pixels and blocks permutations to reduce perceivable information. In Random Permutation of Clusters of Prediction errors method, encryption is achieved in prediction error domain. Arithmetic coding is used to achieve Compression. Comparative analysis is performed based on performance evaluation factors. Sequential Decompression and Decryption is performed.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is090469 fatcat:7est4paj6jch3hn4hbak7v7zje