Gözde Rabia AKTAŞ, Abdullah EMUL, Sadettin ORHAN
2019 Uludağ University Journal of The Faculty of Engineering  
Study of mechanical vibration is one of the major issues in engineering applications. Especially, during the design and test stages of a mechanical component or system, vibration must be considered. When a vibration issue is studied theoretically, a differential equation called characteristics equation or equation of motion (EOM) is obtained. A solution of EOM gives vibrational behavior of an object considered. When vibration of a continuous system is studied, a transcendental equation is
more » ... l equation is finally obtained, whose solution by classical methods is not possible. In this study, the solution of the transcendental equation which is derived from the longitudinal vibration of a bar with one end fixed and a mass at the other end was presented. For this purpose, an ANN model was constructed and the datasets were created for the ANN model. The effects of the number of neurons, input data, and training function on the model were examined. In addition, multiple regression models were developed using the ANN data also natural frequency formulation was obtained by ANN analysis for each mode. A finite element modal analysis was performed by ANSYS software. The results obtained by ANN and ANSYS were compared with analytic calculation and it was shown that they were in enough agreement.
doi:10.17482/uumfd.504170 fatcat:3hjxj6hfijdjjjtfxias7kqkpy