Análise comparativa randomizada entre dois tipos de sistema de aspiração traqueal em recém-nascidos

Lúcia Cândida Soares de Paula, Maria Esther Jurfest Ceccon
2010 Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira  
objectIve. To quantify and compare variations in oxygen saturation throughout the suctioning procedure (before, during, and after) using two endotracheal suction systems: open suction system (OSS) vs. closed suction system (CSS). Methods. A prospective randomized controlled study was carried out with 39 newborn infants of gestational age ≥ 34 weeks using pressure-limited, time-cycled, continuous-flow mechanical ventilators. The infants were classified into two groups according to ventilatory
more » ... g to ventilatory parameters: Group I was ventilated using positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) ≥ 5 cm H 2 O and mean airway pressure (MAP) ≥ 8 cm H 2 O; and Group II using PEEP < 5 cm H2O and MAP < 8 cm H 2 O. results. No statistically significant differences were observed when OSS and CSS were compared in both groups. There was a statistically significant improvement in post-procedure oxygen saturation in both groups. conclusIon. Both endotracheal suction systems can be used with no drawbacks of OSS in relation to CSS, provided the sample is similar to that of the present study.
doi:10.1590/s0104-42302010000400016 pmid:20835640 fatcat:4wvdy3ufkrhnxlxubokyf47y5q