Research on the Satisfaction of the Elderly of the Public Transport System

Yuzhao Du, Zhuangzhuang Shao, Wenqi Lu
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 International Symposium on Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Education Engineering (HSSMEE 2018)   unpublished
This paper takes the satisfaction of the elderly people on the service quality of public transport system in Xi'an as the research object, and makes an evaluation and analysis. The purpose of this paper is to find out the problems existing in the transit system under the trend of aging population in China, and to put forward suggestions for improvement, and to establish a high-level transit system in line with the travel characteristics of the elderly population. Combining AHP with fuzzy
more » ... P with fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, the index evaluation system is established, and the satisfaction degree of the elderly population is obtained by comprehensive evaluation. It is found that the satisfaction of the elderly in Xi'an to the public transport system is still at a low level, and the improvement direction of the public transport system service in the future is put forward according to the evaluation results of various indicators.
doi:10.2991/hssmee-18.2018.23 fatcat:mygs3ufn2zaqfh2m45totlc5ji