Calcifying fibrous tumor of the esophagus in a myasthenia gravis patient

Behnaz Jahanbin, Hana Saffar, Elham Nazar, Fatemeh Nili, Resident
Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology   unpublished
Calcifying fibrous tumor is a probably non-malignant lesion which was classically described as soft tissue mass of children and young adults. It is now believed that it could be seen in wide range of ages and in variety of anatomic sites. According to the literature, only one case of calcifying fibrous tumor has been reported in esophagus. Herein we report a case of calcifying fibrous tumor in the esophagus of a 23-year-old lady, known case of myasthenia gravis, presenting with dysphagia. We
more » ... th dysphagia. We also discuss clinical significance of correct diagnosis and probable immunologic pathogenesis.