Chronic Tonsillitis-Clinicopathological Evaluation and Justification for Surgery

Abdul Hadi, Ehsan Ali
1997 unpublished
Sixty four patients who underwent tonsillectomy. Cultures taken from the surface and core of tonsils. B-Haemolytic Steptococcus was cultured obtained from surface in 25% cases, whereas, 28% from the core, without a significant difference. Staph. Aureus was obtained from surface in 17% while 33% from core with a significant difference. Another significant di f ference was that there was no growth in 12 cases (19%) from the surface while 10 out of these 12 patients showed growth of pathogens
more » ... h of pathogens (staph. aureus and B-haemolytic streptococcus) from the core of the tonsils which is also significant. The tonsils were sent for histopathological examination as well. Chronic inflammation was seen histopathologically, in all cases. There was improvement in general health and local symptoms after tonsillectomy.