Dynamics on the PSL(2,C)-character variety of a twisted I-bundle [article]

Michelle Lee
2011 arXiv   pre-print
Let M be a twisted interval bundle over a nonorientable hyperbolizable surface. Let X(M) be the PSL(2,C)-character variety of \pi_1(M). We examine the dynamics of the action of Out(\pi_1(M)) on X(M), and in particular, we find an open set on which the action is properly discontinuous that is strictly larger than the interior of the deformation space of marked hyperbolic manifolds homotopy equivalent to M. Further, we identify which discrete and faithful representations can lie in a domain of
more » ... continuity for the action of Out(\pi_1(M)) on X(M).
arXiv:1103.3479v1 fatcat:4bagcxo6y5bqdpap4syadawsra