Performance Evaluation of Lime Fly-Ash Stabilization as a Pozzolanic Stabilizer for Airfield Pavement Used at Houston Airport Systems

Raj Dev, Pokhrel, Adil Godiwalla
Houston Airport System uses Advanced, Modern and Innovative pavement stabilization techniques, which are considered one of the most effective engineered technologies to prepare stable airfield pavement for the safe operation of heaviest and critical aircraft including B777 and Airbus A380. This technique allows pavement sub-grade to gain strength in a slow and controlled manner in order to reduce shrinkage crack and to produce long term "Autogenous Healing" Effect. Among such techniques, Lime
more » ... y ash stabilization is one of the most popular pozzolanic pavement sub-grade stabilization techniques adapted in almost every Runway and Taxiways projects at Houston Airport Systems. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the performance of stabilized soils through compaction and strength response behavior of Lime Fly-ash stabilized soil. Specimens were prepared in two groups for compaction and strength evaluation using different dose of stabilizer: 4% Lime + 8% Fly ash and 6% Lime + 8% Fly ash. The results showed improved compaction characteristics with stabilized soils. The results also indicated that the specimen with 6% Lime +8% Fly ash gave the highest compressive strength, in a range of 400 psi to 720 psi over the curing period of 90 days. Relationship between Plasticity Index (PI) of virgin soils and compressive strength of Lime Fly-ash stabilized soils are presented. The study was based on project specific research; Runway 4-22 at Hobby Airport, and the outcomes of this paper does not necessarily reflect any standard and specification.