Small-angle scattering in stripping collisions of hydrogen atoms having energies of 1-10 keV in various gases

H. H. Fleischmann, C. F. Barnett, J. A. Ray
1974 Physical review. A, General physics  
Angular distributions of protons resulting from stripping collisions of neutral hydrogen atoms in the ground state with He, Ar, Kr, H 3 , N 2 , 02, H 2 0, C0 2v and C«H$ have been Measured for beam energies E between 1 -10 keV and angles of up to 7 degrees. They are found to be strongly peaked in the forward direction. Where known, total stripping cross sections were used to derive absolute differential cross sections do/dB. For a given gas, the distribution widths vary roughly propor tional to
more » ... 1/E. The product oi beam energy and the half cone angle ©so into which 50% of all protons is scattered varies from approximately 0.5 deg*keV for H 2 to approximately 1.7 deg*keV for Kr and C«H«. For the atomic target gases, deduced normalized differential cross sections 0 * GsinOda/dfi as functions of E9 agree in shape roughly with those derived for elastic scattering of hydrogen atoms. The impact parameters corresponding to Oso are estimated. The significance of the peaking in the forward direction is investigated. © L-J-U
doi:10.1103/physreva.10.569 fatcat:x6ns7a2cezftleo4x6horohxmm