Dynamics of Colloidal Mixture of Cu-Al2O3/Water in an Inclined Porous Channel Due to Mixed Convection: Significance of Entropy Generation

Dalia Sabina Cimpean
2022 Coatings  
The unavailability of energy has become a major challenge to industry in the last years, as an important percentage of the generated energy is dissipated as heat in transport. Since heat transfer processes are irreversible, the role of entropy generation minimization in nanofluid flow and heat transfer cannot be neglected. The present paper was dedicated to the study of entropy generation for the problem of steady mixed-convection flow in a porous inclined channel filled with a hybrid nanofluid
more » ... (Cu-Al2O3/water). A symmetrical uniform heat flux was considered at the walls and a constant flow rate was given through the channel. The mathematical model, consisting of a system of equations with given boundary conditions, was transformed in terms of dimensionless variables and the proposed analytical solution was found to be valid for all the cases of the inclined channel. The solution was validated by comparison with previously published results. The behavior of the velocity and temperature of the hybrid nanofluid were studied together with the entropy generation inside the channel by considering the influence of different important parameters, such as the nanoparticle volume fraction, the mixed-convection parameter and the inclination angle of the channel from horizontal. The results were focused to prevent the dissipation of energy by calculating the maximum thermal advantage at a minimum entropy generation in the system.
doi:10.3390/coatings12091347 fatcat:5kynfvzm2ra3bgvi6z4bjhsz3q