Implementation of Imagery Training in Increasing parking and Gate-in Shooting Performance of Musi Rawas Woodball

Dini Mayang Dini, Wawan Syafutra
2021 Jurnal MAENPO Jurnal Pendidikan Jasmani Kesehatan dan Rekreasi  
Theref ore this study aims to determine Imagery Training to improve the results of Musi Rawas Parking and Gate-in Woodball strokes. This research is an experi mental research in the form of one-group pretest-posttest design, the sample of this research is 10 athletes and then given treatment in the form of imagery training exercises. The instrument used was the parking and gate-in skill test for the woodball athlete Musi Rawas. The data analysis technique used was SPSS 22 the Paired Sample
more » ... t. The results of this study there is a significant increase with the test criteria α = 0.05, then the T table is 1.833 and the Tcount is 9.000. From the results of this study indicate that Ha: accepted and Ho: rejected because in accordance with the rules of hypothesis testing decisions. According to Priyastama (2017: 91) which states the significance value obtained (p) <0.05 then Ho is rejected, and Ha is accepted or Ha is accepted if if Tcount <Ttable and the significance value obtained (p)> 0.05 then Ha is rejected and Ho is accepted or Ho is accepted if Thitung> Ttabel. Based on the results of paired samples test, the SPSS output obtained the sig value. (p) 0.000 <from 0.05 and the value of tcount (9.000)> t table (1.833). The results above show that Ha: accepted and Ho: rejected. If Ha is accepted, then Ha's statement reads "Imagery Training there is an increase in the results of Parking and Gate-in Athletes Beginner Woodball Musi Rawas".Key words: Woodball, imagery training, parking stroke and gate-in
doi:10.35194/jm.v11i2.1473 fatcat:cilc7plz2jdhxpqj3eb7sgu74q