Isoscalar mesons and exotic states in light front holographic QCD

Liping Zou, Hans Günter Dosch, Guy F. de Téramond, Stanley J. Brodsky
2019 Physical Review D  
In this article a systematic quantitative analysis of the isoscalar bosonic states is performed in the framework of supersymmetric light front holographic QCD. It is shown that the spectroscopy of the η and h mesons can be well described if one additional mass parameter-which corresponds to the hard breaking of chiral Uð1Þ symmetry in standard QCD-is introduced. The mass difference of the η and η 0 isoscalar mesons is then determined by the strange quark mass content of the η 0 . The theory
more » ... 0 . The theory also predicts the existence of isoscalar tetraquarks which are bound states of diquarks and antidiquarks. The candidates for these exotic isoscalar tetraquarks are identified. In particular, the f 0 ð1500Þ is identified as isoscalar tetraquark; the predicted mass value 1.52 GeV agrees with the measured experimental value within the model uncertainties.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.99.114024 fatcat:2j7dqq52bbe4jgqotrsfca2o7a