15. Relation to abfraction and periodontitis by repetition loading
15. 繰り返し荷重負荷による歯質破壊と歯周病への関与 : 第1報 歯根表面に発生する亀裂・剥離の観察(口頭発表,第64回九州歯科学会総会講演抄録)

Noriyoshi Noma, Hiroshi Kakigawa, Ker-Kong Chen, Masamichi Terashita, Yoshio kozono, Makoto Yokota
2004 The Journal of the Kyushu Dental Society  
The aims of the present study were to investigate whether the acquisition of the knowledge and / or skill as a dental hygienist affects the oral sensory perception . Ninety five fe皿 ale students of Dental Hygiene in Kyushu Dental College participated in this study . After we employed force − controlled mechanical stimulation of the upper tooth of the subjects , they answered which tooth was sti皿 ulated . The ratio of correct answer and the variance of incorrect answer significantly correlated
more » ... an academic year of subjects . Our findings suggest that the knowledge and / or skill as a dental hygienist seem to be involved in the process of the oral sensory perception ,
doi:10.2504/kds.58.129_2 fatcat:d2kv7kgjczgsffbexrp5bp77kq