Best Kronecker Product Approximation of The Blurring Operator in Three Dimensional Image Restoration Problems

Mansoor Rezghi, S. Mohammad Hosseini, Lars Eldén
2014 SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications  
In this paper, we propose a method to find the best Kronecker product approximation of the blurring operator which arises in three dimensional image restoration problems. We show that this problem can be reduced to a well known rank-1 approximation of the scaled three dimensional point spread function (PSF) array, which is much smaller. This approximation can be used as a preconditioner in solving image restoration problems with iterative methods. The comparison of the approximation by the new
more » ... caled PSF array and approximation by the original PSF array that is used in [J. G. Nagy and M. E. Kilmer, IEEE Trans. Image Process., 15 (2006), pp. 604-613], confirms the performance of the new proposed approximation.
doi:10.1137/130917260 fatcat:bymfktq7kvdahmjmzgm6topwn4