Mikrofabrikasyon teknolojisi ve ilaç taşıyıcı sistemler üzerinde uygulamaları : microfabrication technology and applications on drug delivery systems

1971 Ankara Universitesi Eczacilik Fakultesi Dergisi  
Microfabrication is a process used to create the objects with dimensions in the range of micrometers to milimeters. These objects can have miniature moving parts, stationary structures, or both. Microfabrication techniques, which permit the creation of therapeutic delivery systems that posses, a combination of structural, mechanical, and perhaps electronic features may surmount challenges associated with conventional delivery of therapy. In this review, microfabrication techniques are described
more » ... iques are described briefly, and Ayşegül KARATAŞ, Özlem SONAKIN 48 delivery concepts are also presented which capitalize on the strengths of microfabrication. Possible applications include microneedles for transdermal drug delivery, implanted microchip, microvalve and micropomps for localized drug delivery, bioadhesive microparticles for oral delivery and immunoisolating biocapsules as a possible treatment for diabetes. In addition, the next generation of drug delivery systems fully integrated and self-regulating will be discussed. GİRİŞ Mikrofabrikasyon, oldukça küçük boyutlarda (mm-µm) fiziksel nesneler oluşturmak için
doi:10.1501/eczfak_0000000077 fatcat:rrh4bgxcvbg2xlx4nxq3xqusqi