Confirmation of short solid-food lag phase by continuous monitoring of gastric emptying

P E Christian, F L Datz, J G Moore
1991 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Reports on the existence of a lag phase before solid-food gastric emptying are conflicting. We studied solid-phase gastric emptying in ten normal-weight male subjects using two opposed cameras and continuous monitoring. Each ingested a 300-g meal containing 99mTc-labeled liver pate. Identical computer-interfaced cameras continuously monitored gastric activity from anterior and posterior projections. Lag phase was determined by three techniques: (1) inspection of the emptying curve; (2) time to
more » ... 2% decrease in stomach activity; and (3) the time of visual appearance of duodenal activity. A short lag phase time was found using all methods, averaging 8.6 min. We concluded that a short solid meal lag phase exists that can be missed with conventional radionuclide gastric emptying methods not employing continuous measurements.
pmid:2066788 fatcat:rr3z25qnqzd2hnjzkwblsppfo4