Resistance to Alpha/Beta Interferons Correlates with the Epizootic and Virulence Potential of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Viruses and Is Determined by the 5′ Noncoding Region and Glycoproteins

Deborah R. Spotts, Robin M. Reich, Mohammed A. Kalkhan, Richard M. Kinney, John T. Roehrig
1998 Journal of Virology  
We compared the alpha/beta interferon (IFN-α/β) sensitivities of the TC-83 vaccine strain and 24 enzootic and epizootic Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) isolates. The IFN-resistant or -sensitive phenotype correlated well with epizootic or enzootic potential. IFN-α/β resistance of Trinidad donkey (TRD) virus correlated with virulence determinants in the 5′ noncoding region and glycoproteins. Infection of mice lacking a functional IFN system with the IFN-sensitive TC-83 virus resulted in
more » ... se equivalent to that produced by the virulent, IFN-resistant TRD virus, further demonstrating that IFN resistance contributes to VEE virus virulence and is a biological marker of epizootic potential.
doi:10.1128/jvi.72.12.10286-10291.1998 fatcat:vb4qmf5njbgirotwgw6rxtt5qi