Development and in vivo Evaluation of Nelfinavir Extended Release Trilayer Matrix Tablets in the Management of AIDS

Rangu Nirmala, Gande Suresh
2018 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research  
The purpose of this investigation was to design and develop trilayer matrix tablets of Nelfinavir prepared by direct compression method and consisted of middle active layer with different grades of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), PVK K 30 and MCC. Barrier layers are prepared with Polyox WSR 303, Xanthan gum, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. Based on the evaluation parameters, drug dissolution profile and release drug kinetics DF8 was found to be optimized formulation.
more » ... developed drug delivery system provided prolonged drug release rates over a period of 24 h. The release profile of the optimized formulation (DF8) was described by the Zero-order and best fitted to Higuchi model. From in vivo bioavailability studies the extended release of Nelfinavir from trilayer matrix tablets also provides for higher plasma drug content and improved bioavailability. The results indicate that the approach used could lead to a successful development of low biological half life Nelfinavir with controlled drug release in the effective management of AIDS.
doi:10.25004/ijpsdr.2018.100421 fatcat:2kkj2asvtjaqlbz7hwynmpwepq