Magnetic Properties in a Spin-1 Random Transverse Ising Model on Square Lattice

H Kamrava, M Barati
2011 Int. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol   unpublished
In this paper we investigate the effect of a random transverse field, distributed according to a trimodal distribution, on the phase diagram and magnetic properties of a two-dimensional lattice (square with z=4), ferromagnetic Ising system consisting of magnetic atoms with spin-1. This study is done using the effective-field theory (EFT) with correlations method. The equations are derived using a probability distribution method based on the use of exact Van der Waerden identities. We present
more » ... numerical results, such as the phase diagrams, the thermal variations of the transverse magnetization, the internal energy, the magnetic specific heat as a function of different values of p, the concentration of the random transverse field. As a result, the critical values of transverse field , temperature and concentration were obtained for the square lattice.