Technical Report: Quantification of the Rockfloss® Floss Band Stretch Force at Different Elongation Lengths

Scott W. Cheatham, Russell Baker
2019 Journal of sport rehabilitation  
Floss bands are a popular intervention used by sports medicine professionals to enhance myofascial function and mobility. The bands are often wrapped around a region of the body in an overlapping fashion (eg, 50%) and then tensioned by stretching the band to a desired length (eg, 50%). To date, no research has investigated the stretch force of the bands at different elongation lengths. The purpose of this clinical study was to quantify the Rockfloss® band stretch force at 6 different elongation
more » ... ifferent elongation lengths (ie, 25%-150%) for the 5.08- and 10.16-cm width bands. Controlled laboratory study. University kinesiology laboratory. One trained researcher conducted all measurements. The stretch force of a floss band was measured at 6 different elongation lengths with a force gauge. Band tension force at different band elongation lengths. The stretch force values for the 5.08-cm width (2 in) were as follows: 25% = 13.53 (0.25) N, 50% = 24.57 (0.28) N, 75% = 36.18 (0.39) N, 100% = 45.89 (0.62) N, 125% = 54.68 (0.26) N, and 150% = 62.54 (0.40) N. The stretch force values for the 10.16-cm width (4 in) were as follows: 25% = 16.70 (0.35) N, 50% = 31.90 (0.52) N, 75% = 47.45 (0.44) N, 100% = 57.75 (0.24) N, 125% = 69.02 (0.28) N, and 150% = 81.10 (0.67) N. Both bandwidths demonstrated a linear increase in stretch force as the bands became longer. These values may help professionals to understand and document the tension force being applied at different lengths to produce a more beneficial application during treatment. Future research should determine how the different length/tensions effect the local myofascia, arterial, and vascular systems.
doi:10.1123/jsr.2019-0034 pmid:31094647 fatcat:udfxzyrzj5gkpd3ikyx7rudftq