FCC-ee design project report [article]

Bethany Spear, David McMahon, Johannes Van De Wetering, Seb Wilkes, Maria Maxouti, Florian Stummer, Alec Clapp
The Future Circular electron-positron Collider (FCC-ee) has been proposed to reach the higher energies, luminosities, and sensitivities, that are needed to observe signs of novel physical processes. The collider is still in its design stage, and this report outlines the work done to finalise many parameters and design several components. Specifically, the report provides a preliminary design study of the FCC's Booster lattice, three types of magnets to be used in the Booster, and RF cavities
more » ... the main collider ring. The design study involves the use of several software programs, and the models were optimised as much as possible to meet all the requirements, as well as keep the cost as low as possible.
doi:10.17181/cern.gsbf.jg2k fatcat:uzrhcgvf2fhdbkqynve7fn6ebe