X-Ray Selected Type 2 QSOs and Their Host Galaxies

Vincenzo Mainieri
2009 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractWe present a large sample of X-ray selected type 2 QSOs from the XMM–COSMOS survey. Type 2 QSOs are luminous AGN whose central engines are obscured by large amounts of gas and dust. The selection criteria we have used are based on high X-ray luminosity (LX > 1044 erg s−1) and heavy obscuration (NH > 1022 cm−2). We derived stellar masses and star-formation rate estimates for the host galaxies from the best fit of the observed photometry. Type 2 QSOs are generally hosted in massive
more » ... hosted in massive galaxies with on-going star formation.
doi:10.1017/s1743921310005600 fatcat:kupbmbs5yvalnmab6uxmx34ghq