Vector meson-vector meson interaction in a hidden gauge unitary approach

L. S. Geng, E. Oset
2009 Physical Review D  
The formalism developed recently to study vector meson--vector meson interaction, and applied to the case of ρρ, is extended to study the interaction of the nonet of vector mesons among themselves. The interaction leads to poles of the scattering matrix corresponding to bound states or resonances. We show that 11 states (either bound or resonant) get dynamically generated in nine strangeness-isospin-spin channels. Five of them can be identified with those reported in the PDG, i.e., the
more » ... , f_0(1710), f_2(1270), f'_2(1525), and K^*_2(1430). The masses of the latter three tensor states have been used to fine-tune the free parameters of the unitary approach, i.e., the subtraction constants in evaluating the vector meson -vector meson loop functions in the dimensional regularization scheme. The branching ratios of these five dynamically generated states are found to be consistent with data. The existence of the other six states should be taken as predictions to be tested by future experiments.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.79.074009 fatcat:dc4fuvnbu5aglct2texlporraa