Notes on the black-and-gold huntsman spider, Thelcticopis orichalcea (Simon, 1880), a charismatic Southeast-Asian species (Araneae: Sparassidae: Sparianthinae)

Paul Y.C. Ng, David J. Court, Elise-Anne Leguin, Christine Rollard
2022 Nature in Singapore  
The identity of an uncommon and charismatic species of Southeast Asian huntsman spider, often referred to by naturalists and in the pet trade as the black-and-gold huntsman spider, has been ascertained. Through literature review and examination of the holotype, we have established it to be Thelcticopis orichalcea (Simon, 1880) . Notes on its taxonomy, diagnostic features of both sexes, distribution, and natural history are provided.
doi:10.26107/nis-2022-0116 fatcat:gdxs62oynnahfoikt4ilc2p54e