Methods and methodology of field research: open questions. Part 1

Vladimir A. Tolochek, Institute of psychology of the Russian academy of sciences
2021 Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin  
For more than a century, the state of psychology has been characterized as a crisis (crisis of methodology). The present state of social objects, acting for us as subjects of research, is characterized by increasing dynamism, variability. Modernity – in its typical objects, the circumstances of conducting research work (NIR) by ordinary researchers – is more often left out of the field of attention of methodologists and historians of science. Changes in the conditions for conducting research in
more » ... modern organizations, which are already growing into a serious scientific and scientific-practical problem, we conventionally call «methods and methodology of field research». This problem is still masked and greatly smoothed out by the dominance in the domestic psychology of research on the model of educational groups (schoolchildren, students), that is, in relatively simple conditions. But the range of research and practical tasks is muchwider; obvious shift to surveys of mainly educational groups – displacement into spaces of «accessibility and comfort» leads to erosion of discipline. The purpose of our research is a historical and theoretical analysis of the methodological, methodological and organizational aspects of research in a modern organization. Methods are an analysis of scientific literature, psychodiagnostics, reflection of the experience of scientific and practical work of research institutes in modern organizations. It is summarized that (1) the state of the discipline methodology, the understanding of its method, subject and technology of conducting relevant scientific research, explanations of the results obtained are interconnected; 2) even under strictly specified diagnostic conditions, if administrative resources are available, methodological and methodic problems are preserved and reproduced; 3) diagnostics issues in the space-time of modern organizations transfer these difficulties into the status of «problems square», «problems raised to the third power»; 4) one of the least developed issues of psychodiagnostics is the question of «situation»
doi:10.20323/1813-145x-2021-2-119-69-79 fatcat:riove65dgzgljerizjfwtjbfxy