Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistant Salmonellae Isolated From Bulk Milk of Dairy Cows in and Around Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Tesfa Mossie, Getachew Dires
2016 World's Veterinary Journal  
In Ethiopia, dairy serves as a source of income, employment, nutrition and health for the smallholder rural Farmers. The objective of this senior seminar is reviewing on traditional handling, processing and marketing of dairy cattle products in Ethiopia. The seminar reviewed on the major emphasis of milk production in Ethiopia, traditional milk processing in Ethiopia, traditional milking and milk products handling, constraints of handling, processing and marketing of milk and milk
more » ... milk products,utilization and cconsumption of milk and mmilk pproducts, marketing system of milk and milk products in Ethiopia. Traditionally some forms of dairy production system exist in most part of Ethiopia. National level, 48.2 % of milk is consumed as whole fresh milk or in fermented form, 40 % is used for butter, 9%for cheese making where as only 5.2 % is marketed. Based onmarketorientation and land holding, milk production system can be broadly categorized in to three systems,such as rural milk production system, peri-urban milk production system and urban milk production system. The handling and safety of milk and milk products is of great concern around the world , this is specially true in the developing country where production of milk and various diary products takes place under unsanitary condition and poor production sale must consider the health of consumer. Milk processing is usuallydesigned to remove water from milk or reducethe moistur content of the product. Smallholder milk processing isgenerally based on sour (fermented milk.Each house hold in the country accumulates milk either from asingle milk animal or large number of animals and it is processed in to different products such as butter,cotage, cheese, whey Dairy cattle products in Ethiopia are channeled both formal and informal marketing systems. According to the review, the constraints of handling and processing of milk and milk products includes un improved of milk and milk processing utensils, lack of acess and high price of cooling facilities, low milk production process(adultration or milk quality problem), Adultration is aproblem of processing and marketig dairy products.Traditional processing methods require optimization through further studies. The effect of using different methods of preservation such as smoking, species different plant material in terms of health hazards calls further investigation.
doi:10.5455/wvj.20160875 fatcat:6s72c4ncgvfkzav3pzk4i5snf4